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Web and Social Leads

Specialist Lead Generation

Insurance, Financial, Services, and B2B Leads.  

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Our Brands

At Connect, we use established and attractive brands that customers trust in order to generate high quality, high converting leads. Customers are informed they will be contacted by a local broker best suited to advise them further.

Conversion Rate Optimization

We are constantly improving our marketing to ensure the best quality leads are obtained for you. We also work closely with your organisation to ensure conversions are as they should be and your return on investment is sufficient. We want your business to flourish by using Connect.

PPC & Native Advertising

We use a wide range of Pay Per Click and Native Advertising techniques to drive a high volume of leads whilst maintaining quality. Staying ahead of the competition and keeping online marketing effective is a constant challenge. We manage web designers, graphic designers and online marketers so you don’t have to.

Grow Your Customer Base & Increase Profits

Speak to Us Today to Find Out How We Can Boost Your Income

At Connect, we understand your business, our management team has many years of experience in marketing and sales. We understand how important receiving quality leads is to your business, we also understand how important it is to treat those leads correctly to maximise income and profits. We are always available to help you get the best out of our leads, or even just a friendly chat about how your business is going.

Quality Leads that Sell

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Real Time Lead Delivery

Leads can be delivered via email in real-time, or via API directly into your CRM or Telephone System.

Pay As You Go Service

Top Up lead credit with us, and only pay for leads you have received. Turn on and off your leads at any time. There are no commitments with us, and you can flex up and down depending on your business needs.

Exclusive Leads

Leads are only provided to you, on one occasion. So you have the greatest Return on Investment.

Our Marketing Sources

Compliant Online Lead Generation

Social Media Marketing

We utilise social media to generate leads from the correct demographics of customers in order to reduce lead cost and maximise sales.

Email Marketing

When possible, we capture customer details to nurture these customers into quality leads over time.

Google Pay Per Click

We use Google adwords to attract high quality high intent leads from customers who wish to immediately inquire about your services.


We display custom content to customers who have seen our content previously, in order to convert these customers into promising leads.

About Us

Choose Us Because We Care

We have been where you are now. You need leads, as they are the life blood of your business but you need clear results from your spending. We will work closely with you to enhance your experience of using our leads.

+ Years

Managing Sales Teams & Converting Leads.

+ Leads

Our management team has experience in handling over 150,000 leads and implementing processes and sales techniques to convert these leads.

+ Years

We have 10+ years experience managing online marketing, CRM systems and developing software solutions.


Our Blend of Marketing

Having the right blend of marketing ensures we can deliver volumes of leads, whilst maintaining quality and conversion rates.

  • PPC 31% 31%
  • Native Advertising 39% 39%
  • Social Media 14% 14%
  • Remarketing 16% 16%


We Care About Clients

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New Boots

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Simon Norwich

Lead Types

Life Insurance Leads

We generate a large volume of Life Insurance leads, from customers wanting Life Insurance for the first time, to customers who want to review their policy for the best deals and best cover. 

Mortgage Leads

OYour Title Goes Hereur mortgage leads are generated nationally, however we can work with you to select areas. First Time Buyer Buy to Let House Purchase

Equity Release Leads

We generate Equity Release leads nationally, from high intent marketing. Customers are keen to find out how much they can release and how quick the process is.


Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can I start your service?
We can get you up and running within 24 hours.
How do I receive the leads?
To start with, we send leads via email. But once we have a working relationship, we can deliver leads via API, SMS, Email, or any combination.
Are there any contracts?
We ask you to sign an agreement with us, so we know both parties are processing customer data properly and fairly, however there is no minimum commitment and you can stop our service at any time.
What are your payment terms?
We ask that all customers purchase leads and pay upfront, then we deduct from your balance based on received leads.
Are customers expecting a call?
Yes! Absolutely, and if you purchase leads from us in volume, we can tell the customer to be expecting a call and where from.
Do you have a returns policy?
We replace all leads with incorrect numbers.

Our Engagement Services

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