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When you first start a business, everything is on you – from accounting to customer service to sales.
However, as you grow your business, you can’t focus on everything internally.

This is especially the case with customer service and customer care. Outsourcing customer service
can potentially save your business money while allowing you to focus on other areas of the business.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the reasons why businesses outsource their customer service
strategies to call centre companies. We’ll also explore some of the pros and cons that come with call
centre outsourcing and customer service companies.

Reasons to Outsource Customer Service

Outsourcing your customer service allows you to focus on other areas of your business, and it can
also be cheaper in the long run. This is a very common practice – in fact, many companies choose to
align with customer service organizations or call centres — whether inbound or outbound — to
handle the area of the business in which they’re weakest. Rather than hiring employees to perform
an uninformed strategy, they simply communicate their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to
outsourced services who can take over these operations.

Here are some great reasons to consider outsourcing your customer service operations:

Cost Savings

There is a reason why major telecommunications and technology companies outsource their
customer service operations — it’s cheaper. Major markets in India and the Philippines can hire
workers at a much lower hourly rate, which can save you money in the long run.

Time Efficiency

Outsourcing can allow you to redirect your main focus to other areas, such as growth and
innovation. Creating strategies for your business takes a lot of time and planning. Outsourcing your
customer service operations to call centres will free up your employees to focus on the tasks for
which you ought to be paying them and save you time on extensive interviewing and hiring.

In addition, hiring a customer service organization or a call centre service may enable you to provide
24/7 customer service. If you hire a call centre located abroad, depending on the time zone
difference, you can provide round the clock service for your customers. This is a factor that sets
many businesses apart; customer care and support is expected and if it can’t be delivered, it could
deter customers from engaging with your brand in future.


Just because you’re leading your business doesn’t necessarily mean you’re the best person to
interact with your customers. Engagement, time of response, and handling complaints are all key
aspects of a businesses’ customer service goals — however, it costs time and money to execute
them properly.

A good call centre service will understand how to deliver results at a lower cost. You can establish a
set of goals or deliverables over a certain period, and for a set price, you’ll get a set of results and
access to data that will help you stay in line with your budgetary targets. Keeping on top of your
budget is important for any successful business, and outsourcing customer service can help you
maximize your efforts.